Prince Charles and Princess Amalia enjoy first meeting

Prince Charles and the Dutch Princess Amalia have stated that their first meeting was ‘a resounding success’. The first-in-lines met in London last Wednesday. In the coming months, the new crown princess will visit most of her colleagues to discuss the future of Europe’s royal dynasties.

Amalia appeared very excited after the encounter: “Charles loves animals, just like me. And he is a fan of Justin Bieber too.” According to the Dutch crown princess they didn’t just share similar perspectives concerning the role of royalty in modern societies, but also connected on a personal level. “I was allowed to pull his earlobes a few times. That was so much fun.”

Charles was impressed by Amalia. “Her Royal Highness exposed a very refreshing view on the monarchy. I was particularly charmed by her opinion on the expiration date of monarchs, as well as her ideas concerning rules of etiquette.”

In two weeks Amalia will visit Felipe, heir to the Spanish throne. She is excited to learn about his views on the consequences of the recent scandals plaguing the Spanish royal family. “Most importantly, I hope he will offer me a lemonade, because Charles didn’t let me have any”, the Princess of Orange added.

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