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Obama asks Apple to hold Guantánamo Bay prisoners in the cloud

President intends to put terror suspects in the cloud without trial

Barack Obama wants Apple to hold the remaining 56 prisoners in Guantánamo in the cloud. According to the President, it’s the only way to close the controversial prison camp.

The cloud, according to the U.S., is the safest place to store Guantánamo Bay prisoners, because in the cloud, prisoners don’t have to be tried under U.S. law. “In the cloud, terror suspects can be stored for years, virtually. Also, it will not harm anybody and the cloud is infinitely scalable.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented that he does not intend to comply with the President’s demand. “If we have to store potential terrorists in the cloud, then where will we draw the line? Who else will have to be held in there? Donald Trump? Edward Snowden? Dr. Phil?”

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