NRA: ‘Ban elementary schools’

Debate on the desirability of schools reignited by Connecticut tragedy

The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut past Friday has prompted new debate about the desirability of elementary schools in public life. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is proposing a complete ban on elementary and secondary schools in order to prevent ‘such horrible tragedies from occurring ever again’.

28 people died during the shooting, 20 of whom were children. ‘It is clear that had there not been an elementary school in Newtown this tragedy would not have occurred,’ says Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA. ‘Places where groups of children come together on a regular basis are inherently vulnerable, and we should ban them wherever possible.’

Once the law banning elementary school is in place the NRA aims to question the desirability of other crowded places including universities, movie theaters and the city of Columbine, Colorado. LaPierre: ‘Our main priority is protecting those who are most vulnerable: our children.’

Former Vice-president Dick Cheney is not in favor of the proposals put forth by the NRA. According to Cheney, a ban would not solve the problem : ‘The problem is not schools themselves, but the security of the schools. If we would simply arm all teachers and pupils with semi-automatic guns at all times, crazed madmen wouldn’t stand a chance.’

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