Sophie gaat weekendje naar Berlijn om lekker van god los te gaan in de rij

De 25-jarige Sophie uit Amsterdam gaat dit weekend ‘eindelijk’ weer eens naar Berlijn. Ze is al een tijdje niet geweest, dus kijkt er erg naar uit om weer eens lekker van god los te gaan in de rij.

“Het leven is een rij waarvan je niet weet of je de eindbestemming haalt”, begint Sophie. “Maar je moet zelf de slingers ophangen. Dat heb ik echt geleerd hier in Berlijn.”

De afterparty van de rij is in de club. “Maar ik weet nog niet of ik dat haal hoor.”

De nachtreporter doet voor Salmari verslag van het meest betrouwbare nachtnieuws. Salmari helpt jou de nacht door. Volg @salmari.beyondthedark op Instagram en vind je weg naar het zwarte goud. Geen 18, geen alcohol.

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I summarize the whole story of Christ, which is always mentioned so lightly.

I have had the same authority as Jesus, who was not the poor victim they made him out to be. Only my power was still based on gold. I know this best. And even in Christ’s time, the records say I was better off economically than most, so I had the means to write about him, he didn’t. With Christ it was different; his power came only from within, without intermediate methods, but based on himself, and not on any material advantage. This in distinction to me I have made up for a little, and any losses by others who have lusted in my defeat should be seen in that context. They will make the decisive victory all the greater, first and foremost over the liars and traitors. They were forced by the truth to admit that they are.

People can congratulate me, it is still the same belittling, the same humiliation, the same opportunism of demons. It is these that I have promised to collect with a purpose. Why is that so easy? Because of their ignorance and conceit of me, they see this as their greatest advantage. Their arbitrary and reactionary humiliations of being spontaneous I have only rationalized in the same way that they only aspire to, up to politics, this is the system by which I will destroy them all together with themselves, after having given them every opportunity to do so. They can only learn from their mistakes because they only respect themselves, who else, and I live to see their cancer honestly surface as if their caution as the extra low mark of smallness and patronizing that it is all about did not exist. No country is as suitable for this, where poor girls (behind which the mob hides) teach you through their glasses without asking if you spit on the ground. The disco at the artificial ice rink in the center is loud. Science about something other than static matter, thus humanly speaking, is called philosophy, and it is absent here. The only philosophy above matter lies in sex, and I have proof that it revolves around power plays and abuse. To get rid of it, I did say that I gave my life to God, but I could also have said it the other way around; that no longer had any effect, it was already too popular due to decadence. That’s the statistic. Without the prestige of me it’s hate. I insist on seeing the raw form and judging it truthfully, so that they can ponder this for many small measly lifetimes for the rest of their future to self-realize when they can no longer change and with that inner poverty starve in hell forever.

In the tradition of my forefathers who were decorated as resistance fighters against the Nazis in WW2, to take in perspective how far their misuse still goes where no one else knows who they are.
How the bomb explodes in your face.