Are the media too critic on Van Gaal? It is like that.

We say coach shall not have to be unbeatened

Now Louis van Gaal stands on the point of being fired through Manchester United, the question travels: are the media too critic on Van Gaal? We think it is like that.

Honest is honest: of course they lost lot of matches last weeks. We are not saying that this is not so. We are disappointing about that also, but it is not other. And before that they booked very good results also. It is only Christmas, the season is on the half. The British media are saying now it is a made out case that Van Gaal shall be unbeatened. This is not so.

It is crazy that they talk already about unbeat. It is not good for Manchester also. Other clubs have strong selection, so for Manchester it is difficult like that. Maybe transfers not good. Maybe older players. But it is about matches. You win matches, you shall be champion. Is always like that.

Otherhalf year ago everybody did says Van Gaal is fantastic coach. Now they write he can do not wood from it. That is not so in our opinion. That is bad journalism. It is like that.

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O, there we have the language purists again. In dutch, we have a word for it: an ant f*cker. It goes not on the grammar, it goes on the content here. If you look to the content, is this a very well written part. So please, react contently!


The person who writted this should some goed English learn. If he would watch Dora the Little explorer he would improve his Great British language so it becomes another cookie.

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(#)Naar “Iemand”, niet persoon bedoeld, gewoon een reactie.

Hij brand niet echt.

Dacht je alleen maar hopelijk.

Doof het vuurtje in je koppie, kuppie, kippie



Hear es Benny,

Louis is billing, Louis is trilling and Lou is killing when the baco’s starts flying over his boxing snotnose.

And no, he doesn’t need double glasses before his eyes to see when the fles is empty.

He is not kippie you no!


Waarom nou zo’n onzinnige discussie als iemand gewoon wat vraagt?

Ze wilden hem niet in brand steken, ze wilden hem een vuurtje geven. Vandaar ook die matches.


Och juf,

Als u toch al het antwoord geeft op uw eigen vraag, is het tamelijk onzinnig om de anderen erbij te betrekken, vind u niet?

Maar vertelt u eens, valt er van uw zijde nog iets relevants te melden?

Ik luister tenslotte wel.


That are your words, but that will not saying that i cannot make my players better wis my tactic. The media are always saying that my tactic is making the players deadtired, but i shall tell you wan sing: you know side nor wall; you understand there no ball from! It is the dead or the gladioles! Always treating me like a singoat! Always asking me stupid kwestions and describing what you see, while what i see and what i sink is only important. That is so. I’m sick of it! Can you believe it?

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Wil ik dit stukje via e-mail doorsturen…en nu zit ik aan een zorgverzekering vast voor volgend jaar!
En dat, terwijl de verzendkosten al zo hoog zijn!!
Thet’s fokking not right!

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